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Keep the kids busy and entertained with Miss Joy and The Joy House! Miss Joy has entertained and done the following themed "JoyHouse" Dance Parties

She has done all kinds of Birthday Parties, Halloween Parties, All The Holiday Parties, Summer Fun Parties, Summer Camp Parties, Valentine's Day Parties, New Years Eve Parties, One Year Old Parties, Pool Parties, Action Hero Parties, Mermaid Parties, Barbie Parties, Disco Parties, Designing Parties, Art Parties, Fashion Parties, Super Model Parties, Hula and Beach Parties, St Patrick Day Parties, Dress Up Parties, Make Up Parties, Daddy and Daughter Parties, Sports Parties, Gymnastics Parties, Dance Star Party, Pop Star Parties and Weddings and these are just some that she can remember! So just "Use your imagination and Miss Joy will help you create a new Joy House Party Creation".

The Joy House for Kids is a kid's entertainer in North Hollywood, CA. She offer the best fun entertainment for kids. Her goal is to make kids happy by building their self-esteem through music, dance, fitness, art, and sports. She also have house games that teach kids to think, try, do, create, build and be great! Their children's entertainment is perfect for any occasion, party, or event. It's a fun new way to keep all ages busy for hours.

They offer the following:

The Joy House for Kids also offer a special of $75 off to various kid activities and events such as birthday parties, preschool classes, live shows, and school assemblies. They are your premium fun center providing a clean and safe environment for kids of all ages. They provide a unique opportunity for children to boost their imagination, gain confidence and be active. Their vision and work have received several awards for demonstrating excellence in expanding and enhancing learning opportunities by employing a diversity of traditional and non-traditional approaches to produce measurable improvements in education outcomes in formal or informal settings. Their goal is to make sure they offer the highest quality services possible. For a complete description of their services, contact them at The Joy House for Kids today!

Reasons to Choose Them

  • LA'S BEST - Best Faces
  • Over 23 Years in Business
  • The Best of for 2019 Studio City Awards

Locations Served

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Malibu, CA
  • North Hollywood, CA
  • North Orange County, CA
  • Riverside, CA